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The philosophy at The Cheerful Vet is simple:

“There is no alternative medicine; there is medicine that works and medicine that does not.”

Owners John and Anette Heaslet keep the atmosphere warm and inviting while the staff takes pride in a genuine caring and fondness for all pets. Soft blankets are provided for every resting patient and fresh water or hot tea is always available for your enjoyment in the lobby.

John handles the business and Anette is the primary veterinarian at The Cheerful Vet. She grew up on a farm in Denmark and graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Anette Heaslet is certified by IVAS (the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) and has special training in veterinary integrative medicine. Anette has toured some of the most renowned veterinary practices in Europe and has had great success utilizing the best in natural and conventional medicine.

Options for treatment may include acupuncture and nutritional solutions, as well as pharmaceutical medications and even Chinese herbal remedies. Most pharmaceutical drugs are available at The Cheerful Vet, however big drug companies do not drive their medical advice.

“When an effective alternative to prescription medications can be found in your local grocery store, we will tell you about it.”

Anette said in a recent interview.

John agreed.

“People have a lot of choices when seeking veterinary care,” he said. “Each time a client walks through our door and entrusts us with their pet’s care, we are honored, and strive to provide the best service possible. We work for our clients, not our suppliers and not drug companies.”

If surgery is needed, patients can count on being treated like royalty at The Cheerful Vet. On the day of a surgery, pet owners stay with their dog while he gets sleepy, and they’re with him while he recovers. Patients always go home the same day. The same option is available for cats.

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